Scythe Mugen 2 vs. Scythe Ninja 2.


Aug 13, 2009
Which one is better?

I suppose I made this a discussion because I am open to other suggestions.
Here is my story; I had been planning to buy the mugen 2 for the longest time, and I get to the store and its out of sotck! They have put in the order to get it re-shipped, but frankly I've just about had it with waiting for results from my build. It is now up and running, but honestly there wasn't a single step that went right the first time. Due to exasperation, I decided to do a bit of research on other coolers, that match or beat the mugen 2 in price/performance. I have come up with the ninja 2 as one of its main rivals. Its an extra ten bucks though..
In any case, if anybody has info on the two, to compare and contrast with, please share! :)

Here are my guidelines. Under $50, heatsink and fan, QUIET, performs well. Size isn't an issue, I've got the cooler master cm 690 so it should fit most things, and my memory doesn't have any sort of extra heatsink that would prevent a large cpu cooling system from fitting. YES I am planning on doing a mid-to-high range overclock. Almost forgot.. LGA 775 socket type.