Question SD Card goes 100% when downloading, then freezes


Aug 17, 2018
This one is really weird for me since, the issue I’m having occurs only when downloading.

So I bought a laptop with just 32GB eMMC storage, and probably the best option to run other programs such as steam on it would be to use a SD Card. So I got that, 128GB class 10 (to be precise: Kingston Canvas Select Plus 128GB). And so I plugged it in, moved some games on it, played it performed well and all, but when I wanted to download any game, the usage of the SD would fluctuate and once a time hits 100% usage, when that happens, it gets stuck on 100% usage and freezes. I’ve tried formatting it, reinstalling drivers, even reinstall whole win10 system, nothing I tried worked and I am not even able to find a similar thread.

Also, one kind of weird thing I found out, the best thing to unfreeze it when it’s stuck is to basically pull it out of the laptop, wait for it to disconnect and then plug it back in.
I would really like to know if this can be fixed somehow, thanks for all the answers.

Game on! :D


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

You moved some games on it: what games?

Then you tried downloading additional games - correct? What games?

My thought is that you may have filled up the drive space.

Open Disk Management expand so all drives can be seen.

Take a screenshot and post here via imgur (