Question SD card reader problem

Dec 30, 2020
Hello there,

Im new here and as my user name suggests, i have no idea about please be kind.

I have a HP Pavilion and had a new, faster hard drive installed by a family friend several months ago. Yesterday I slid in my micro-SD card adapter into the SD card reader (right had side of laptop) and.....Nothing. After researching and researching and more researching and trying many different methods including updating, renaming things in disk manager, and rebooting things. Nothing has helped. I then checked the sd card reader and it seems to be fine, the light next to it is flashing.

Please can someone help, when i started trying to sort this i had a full head of im bold

Thank you
Did you try another card in the reader? If another card works then the issue is the SD card. If the reader doesn't read the new card then it's the reader.

This is very easy to test. No need to do any research. Hardware break and there is nothing you can do.