Dec 2, 2008

I have a question if I put my OS on one SDD and then put my games on a different SDD would they run the EXACT same speed as if I put the games on the same SDD ? What I am asking is does having them all on the same SDD affect speeds at all ? Like does the computer talk to the os then grab the game and because its on the same SDD it doesn't have to travel as far to get them ? or doesn't that not make a difference and its all based on the speed of the SDD itself ?.

Thanks for the help !!!
Loading program files, games, and any other Files on the 2ndary SSD will load at the speed of the SSD. Even if the "Advertised" speed of the 2nd SSD is less than that of the primary OS SSD there will be only a slight difference - still MUCH faster than if thes files were on a HDD.
I have 2 SSD in 2 desktops and one laptop. All thre are configured in the manner you ask, one for OS + most often used Programs, the 2nd SSD is my "overflow" and for Often used files. On the i5-2500K I have a samsung 830 for the Boot drive and a slower Agillity III drive for the 2nd SSD.

What rolli59 indicated is correct with one minor clarification. If you baought say a 128 gig M4 for OS + Program and say a 64 Gig M4 for over flow. The 128 gig will be faster than the 64 gig BUT you would NOT notice and real life performance between a "game" loaded on the primary drive as opposed to that game being loaded on the 2nd SSD.