Seagate 1TB External Hard Drive issues


Oct 10, 2014
I have been having issues with my Seagate HD for a week or so now.
When I got it, I have a windows laptop and was able to play it on my Samsung smart TV as well.
I then got a Mac and had to format to work with my Mac and it still played on my Samsung TV.
Never did it play on LG smart TV
However, last week it would show up on my Mac but wouldn't have anything listed and it still played on my Samsung. Yesterday I found something that said to plug in select properties and tools and check.. I did that yesterday and I could see my files listed on my Mac again.. THen plugged into TV and it said no files to display.. this is very discouraging since I have LOTS of movies on there.
I then plugged back to my Mac and again.. no flies to display. I brought it to work with me this morning to try and get a solution and when plugged into my work windows computer it just shows up as local disk E and not even my reg Stephs hard drive title.
Please help me.. I have no clue about this stuff.
Welcome to the community, S2k5tl!

What file system did you change to when you reformatted your external HDD?
To use it both in Windows and Mac, it needs to be in FAT32.
However, I think what you need to do is use Windows' command prompt to resolve the issue. You can check out this thread from the community and apply those commands:

I believe this will solve your problem.
Keep me posted though! Good luck! :)