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Question Seagate 2tb SMR for semi-regular access?


Jun 15, 2012
Hi everyone.

I'm in desperate need of upgrading my storage as I've currently got about 4tb+ of data spread across a range of drives from a couple 1tb 3.5's to several 2.5's ranging in capacity. I'd like to consolidate what's on my 2.5's to a single drive, and to achieve this I'm currently looking at picking up a Seagate ST2000DM008. However I know that this is a SMR type drive, and while I won't be needing to access the data stored on this drive all that often I will need to dip into it every now and then (Maybe once or twice a week or so) and WILL be editing some of the old data. Now my understanding of SMR drives is that if you need to go back and change some data then due to the nature of the shingled storage the drive will then have to go back and re-write all the data after that which you changed? Is that right?

Anywhoo, basically I want to know if I make any changes will this severely decrease the overall life expectancy of the drive or effect it in any meaningful way? Or is the only drawback basically the increased process times for editing already stored data?

Thanks in advance!