Info Seagate Backup+ Desk External USB hard drive, weird CODE 10 error solved!

Dec 10, 2019
I have several Seagate Backup+ Desk external USB hard drives connected to my computer. One of them would always get a code 10 (device couldn't start) error, but only when restarting Windows, not when shutting it down and restarting it with the power switch.

Of course, this drove me nuts for months. How could this be? I tried everything that could be tried in software. I replaced the cables, I replaced the power supply for the drive. Nothing helped.

But, this drive sits on top of a removable base unit where the power and USB plug into it. The base unit connects the drive unit with a standard SATA drive connector and power connector.

It turns out, the last time I cleaned the exterior of the drive case, I disconnected the base to better clean everything. When I reconnected the base and the drive, A single human hair got crimped into the SATA connector and interfered with one of its pins. After finally finding this problem and removing the hair, the drive now works perfectly.