Question Seagate Backup Plus Drive Not detected by Windows Explorer

May 10, 2022
Hi Guys, I had a Seagate Backup Plus Drive 4TB. It was working prefect. I disconnected it from Laptop & Kept in a Drawer. After few days, I connected it back. And it was not showing in Explorer. Did some DIY with different softwares. But no result. Some facts for your consideration:
(1) It shows in Disk Manager as "Unknown"; "Not Initialised" It shows its capacity but as "Unallocated". Prompts for initialisation but when tried to initialise, it gives error"The request could not be performed because of an I/O Device Error."
(2) Whenever I connect it to USB, it makes some Ticking sound for few seconds and then stops. After that no sound.

Any idea what could have gone wrong?
Is it possible that the Drive becomes working again.
And most important... Is there any way that the data can be recovered?