Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB - Cyclic Redundancy Error

Feb 26, 2018
My external hdd cant be recognize by windows. Somehow it cant be detected anymore. The light was off but I can still feel the drive vibrating. So I tried to look into diskmanagement, but the system cant initialize my external hdd, with cyclic redundancy error. How do I fix this ? I cant even format the hdd

I'm afraid Cyclic Redundancy Error means the drive has failed - - - you can't fix that, it'll mean buying a new drive.

Strongly suggest you avoid buying another Seagate, get a WD or Hitachi one, that advice is based on my own experience over many years with external hard drives. I'm still using two WD's and an Hitachi that I bought over ten years ago - - they are used daily and still showing "Healthy" when tested.

Prior to that I had two Seagate externals and I didn't even get 12-months use out of them before they failed.

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