Question Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB portable HDD won't initialise ?

Aug 27, 2021
This drive started behaving strangely.Got super slow.then i thoguht maybe ransomware.disconnected and reconnected .the windows file manager said the drive has some error on it.Check and repair now.which i selected but it was taking too much time and alas what a dumb ass idea was of me to disconect the drive and which i did. Now the thing is that when i connect the drive ican see that drive in device manager but in "create and format hard disk partitions " it is not initialized and no drive or anything.if i try to initalize,it shows the dialogue "The request failed due to a fatal hardware error".

My thought then was that i messed up the MBR table or somehting similar which i tried to repair by different sofwares and freewares and tools.but to no avail not that they could say anything much about the drive other than that the thing has zero sectors and zero space .the nail in the coffin i felt like was that even gparted cannot detect the drive or anyhting. So is this just a bad cable?or something more? or this is beyond anything ?

i got almost 300gb personal files there and a lot of study materials.No data recoivery software can see the hard drive.Thansk for any and every reply and suggestions