Question Seagate Barracuda 8TB vs Seagate Firecuda 8TB


Mar 30, 2021
Hi, I'm starting a You-Tube channel, and I'm trying to decide on a HDD to store my video footage on. I've managed to narrow it down to these two drives, but before I purchased anything, I wanted to ask what the difference between these two drives would be in terms of storage, reliability, etc. And if the Firecuda would be worth the extra price.
Any help is greatly appreciated!


Retired Mod
No comparison. The Firecuda is an enterprise level storage device and is far, FAR better quality and a lot more reliable but the most reliable drive is the one you don't rely on. So don't. Make sure that whatever is on ANY drive you own that is important, is also in at LEAST one other location as well. Having ALL important or critical data in at least two other locations is a far better solution and it is even further a wise thing to try and make sure that one of the three locations is not on the same site or is kept in a fire safe, just in case.

If the data isn't all that important, but still something you'd be seriously hurt about if you lost it, then at the very least make sure it is in two locations at all times. It's never a question of whether a drive will fail, no matter what the model of the drive is, it's a matter of when. They ALL fail. Even the best drive can fail tomorrow. And the lowest quality drive might last ten years of continuous use. There is simply no way to know if or when there will be problems.

The Firecuda is definitely the better drive though.