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[SOLVED] Seagate Barracuda reading sector problem


May 22, 2017
So suddenly I got this problem and I've been using this hard drive for about 1 year. Previously, about 3 weeks ago I did a surface test on a sentinel hard disk and there was no weak sector at all, but today I know this problem because when i do reading data, I hear strange sounds like beeping and data transfers speed were unstable.

the problem is when reading data, there are beeping sounds, it's not clicking sound but something like the harddisk is trying very hard to read data, and the speed of reading and transfer is decreased from 150MB / s suddenly drop to 20MB / s and even to 1MB / s, so I did a surface test with the disk repair method from Sentinel, and the result is like this:

View: https://imgur.com/nnxq7O9

View: https://imgur.com/KNkzoW3

View: https://imgur.com/p6LW8wE

strangely I found a weak block sector only at the very top of the line and the reading speed dropped to 20MB / s, after the top of the line there were no weak sectors and the reading speed was 100-150MB / s which is normal for the barracuda series

other than that the sentinel hard drive states 100% normal health as in the photo

my question is, is this normal or should I do RMA, or should I just do a Low Level Format? So far I haven't done anything except backing up the data to another hard disk.
thank you, sorry for bad english.
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