Question Seagate Barracuda ST3500630NS 7200RPM 500GB failure, no powerup, not detected in BIOS

Commander Arc

Jun 27, 2012
I own a ST3500630NS Seagate Barracuda 500GB hard drive that suddenly failed. It has absolutely no power, does not show up in bios and I have tried multiple different cables, interfaces and power supplies.

It is my understanding that because there is absolutely no power-on and no detection by the motherboard the PCB is probably the culprate.

I have managed to locate a donor harddrive to get a PCB from, the only difference is the firmware version. (original = 3.AEG, donor firmware = 3.BJH)

When I decide to replace the PCB, will this slight deviance in firmware version matter as long as the board is identical? Or will I have to transplant the 8-legged bios chip from the original dead PCB?

If I failed to include any information that might lead to a solution please let me know.

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