Question Seagate ext. drive dropped- Disk spins for 20 min. in 24 hrs

May 8, 2020

My Seagate desktop external drive (s/n: 2GHJNY0Q) dropped a while ago.

It does connect to my laptop and I feel the disk of the hard disk spinning. However after about 20-25 minutes, it stops spinning and dis/re-connecting doesn’t solve the problem. The small light of the hard disk does stay on (green).
After 24+ hours or days (sometimes longer) its able to connect again and the disk spin, the cycle repeats itself.

I am not able to recover a lot in the 20 minutes. I wonder if this is an electrical issue or something wrong with disk or other components.

Have you guys come across such a challenge with your own storage devices or perhaps read something related on this site or elsewhere?
I’m looking forward to your suggestions and help.

Thank you in advance!
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You can get portions of what you need in 20 minute increments, or, if the data is worth at least $300 to you....(copy your data to an SSD or fast flash drive, so at least you can maximize the amount of data extricated in each 20 minute session; if it is a crash, it could quickly get worse.

If you data is very important, stop what you are doing, ask if is worth $300, and consult these guys...

(I will actively fight and resist the urge to say 'just toss the rive, as surely it's not your only copy!', but, I suspect it would not be humorous currently) :)
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What size is it?
Tried placing it in an airtight sealed baggie (ziplock) and putting it in the freezer? for an hour and seeing if you can recover for a longer period? I would suggest going for the most important items first.