[SOLVED] Seagate External HD 3tb freezing computer and see HD but no files

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Feb 18, 2022
Here is what is happening:
(1) I have an older 3TB Seagate External HD
(2) The HD freezes my computer when I try to access it. Any windows that are open are frozen and I can not do anything
(3) When clicking on the external drive location in windows the files are not shows
(4) the hard drive does show up as a drive
(5) opening the drive or trying to access the drive leads my computer to freeze
(6) I even tried chkdsk E:/f" and it does nothing since it is also stuck in a loop so to speak
(7) I did try This PC ---> properties--->tools tab--->check
I did this a long time ago and I do recall it screwing up my hard drive. Unfortunately, I do not recall how to fix it
(8) the hard drive was accessible and files were copied and pasted until repairs were tried in dos and above.
(8 1/2) I can not even scan bad sectors since the hard drive is having issues
(9) PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME. I would appreciate any input and thanks in advance for any guidance.
(1) ultimately I want the drive to be recognized by AOEMI backupper so that I can make a clone of it and place it on another external drive.
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