Seagate FreeAgent jumper settings

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James McKeane

Mar 2, 2012
A Seagate FreeAgent Pro 250GB external hard drive that I bought a while back got yanked from its usb cable and a few pins on the female mini usb port got rip off.. Any ways I recently bought a Newer Tech SuperSpeed Universal Drive Adapter cable to see if I could access the internal drive directly. when i opened the FreeAgent case, I discovered that it the internal hard drive was a Seagate ST3250310AS SATA II hard drive. A note on the hard drive's case stated that the hard drive speed could be limited to Sata I 1.5 through the jumper settings. I looked on the back of the drive and discovered that the drive itself had been set in the aforementioned SATA I setting by manufacturer by default.

Here's my question: is there a particular reason the manufacture applied this jumper setting (e.g. heat issues, hardware limitations)

Just curious. Thanks a bunch
There was an issue with some of the SATA II drives on SATA 150 controllers and the jumper was put there to force them to the slower speed.
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