Question Seagate GoFlex Home External HD failure

Aug 7, 2019
I have 2TB Seagate GoFlex Home network hard drive that has stopped connecting via my Internet router. After unsuccessfully connecting directly to the drive via an Ethernet connection, I purchased a GoFlex Desk desktop adapter - USB 3.0 (STAE106) in hopes to connect to the drive via USB. Once everything is plugged in I can see that the drive is momentarily identified correctly but the description quickly changes to drive failure. Unfortunately I have a large number of pictures on this Seagate drive that I would very much like to retrieve.

Any advice on how to get Windows 10 to identify the drive?

The drive does make a beeping sound now while it appears to be booting up which does not give me much confidence. But I can hear it whirring and Windows does make the "ding" sound when it is first plugged in but except for once brief amount of time I am unable to see the drive (G:) and the files that I know are still on the drive.

Thanks! Elizabeth


There is a couple of something you should have known before you started to use that drive.

1: Backup.
Having a network drive is a good backup solution. If you have an urgent need to recover files from that drive, it strongly suggest to me you have no backup. By having no backup, the risk of loose all files in case of hdd failure is at you. Important data is needed to take backup of.

2: HDD in small drives enclosures are prone to early death due to movements or vibrations
I have in other posts tried to compared the HDD R/W head t a spaceship flying near light speed just some few feets above the ground. Not going in more detail on that, but understand that moving or shaking a disk (drive enclosure) when the disk are spinning is very risky, and may even destroy the drive.

The data is probbly recoverable - but also expensive
Your HDD In it's current state may take more damage when you start it up or even if you attempt to recover the data by yourself (again, the risk is at you).
There exists companies that are expert on file recovery off broken harddrives, but are probably very expensive.