News Seagate Launches Limited Edition Cyberpunk 2077-Inspired SSD

idk if i'd want a bugged game themed storage device <_<....
Yeah, this might have been a more compelling product had it launched before the game released and everyone realized how half-finished it was.

The game only seemed to have been bugged on consoles. I ran through the game with like 3 or 4 different endings no problems from version 1.
This seems a bit difficult to believe. I noticed graphical bugs even in some of their official trailers that were released shortly before the game launched, which probably should have been a warning sign. The game might have been even worse on consoles, but it was bad on PC. Pretty much every streamer playing the game at launch encountered tons of bugs, so a buggy experience on PC was undoubtedly the norm rather than the exception. Maybe you didn't encounter any of the game-breaking ones, and might have a high tolerance for the immersion-breaking ones, but they were there, and abundant, and many still are.

What's possibly worse is that many of the game's systems feel half-baked and not at all on-par with even open-world games from more than a decade back, let alone CDProjekt's claims for what the game would offer. The npc, traffic and wanted systems alone are so rudimentary that I wouldn't be surprised if they were all tacked on in the last few months of development. And considering they are now talking about cancelling plans for major post-launch features like multiplayer, it's questionable that the game will ever be truly finished to a level that would live up to how they advertised it. My plans were to wait until the game was "finished" before picking it up myself, but at this rate, it will probably be bargain-binned or given away for free before that happens. I'm sure there's probably a good game in there, but I would rather that game not be spoiled by a constant stream of glitches and unfinished gameplay systems that are constantly taking one out of the experience.