Seagate Portable external hard drive 1TB USB 3.00 not detected when connected to Laptop

May 12, 2018
Led light in Seagate Portable external hard drive 1TB USB 3.00 glows when connected to Laptop Lenovo Yoga 500 but not detected when I open "This PC". This is followed by a peculiar sound indicating that this drive is connected. I have Windows 10 64 bit operating system installed in Laptop. Previously (before windows 10 update), the expansion drive icon was visible when I open "This PC" and I could view all files and folders and also add or delete the same. Again I connected my external Seagate portable hard drive to another Laptop (HP) where no Windows 10 update is done and to my surprise I found this laptop easily detected the hard drive when I opened "This PC". I do not know what has happened after Windows 10 update? Have they deleted or overwritten some software whereby detection of external drive is not possible ? I dn't know. Could anyone from Microsoft windows help me? -
- vaidyanathan e-mail: