Seagate Q4 Guidance Up, Announces Additional 6,500 Layoffs To Keep It That Way

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Jul 13, 2009

I agree. Something new...hmm...such as:

1. Designing actually reliable products?
2. Not lying to customers telling them their HDD is out of warranty even though it was within legal warranty (less than 2 years old and no tampering) and actually denying to fulfill warranty obligations while removing the HDD from their "serviceable through warranty" list. Lawsuit filed, legal battle incoming.
3. Not making customers pay over $1200 in order to send their piece of sheet to their Netherlands laboratory, recover the data and send it back?
4. Providing a useful warranty - maybe longer than what their HDDs are secretly designed to withstand (cough, 2 years on average, cough) - a.k.a. "Oh, my HDD is dead, but it's barely been used, let's return this thing - oops, carefully scheduled failures in the way, not gonna be possible.

That should get things going for Seagate for now. Then, maybe they could release an SSD and not make the mistakes detailed above when it comes to dealing with their own customers?

I, as a Seagate customer and computer technician, refuse to ever put any current or future Seagate products in my computers or in computers I build.

Yeah, Seagate, keep it that way.


Sep 17, 2011

The sad reality is though all HDD manufacturers are doing the same thing. Hell all manufacturers are.

Seagate and WD bought up all the previously reliable HDD makers, Maxtor, Samsung, and Hitachi, among others.

I won't swear by any brand anymore though. I've had a 1TB Seagate that lasted 5 years, 2x 3TBs in RAID that have lasted so far 2 years with no issues. I may be one of the lucky few, but lets not Jinx that.

But on the other hand, I have a WD My Book 640GB that has lasted over 6 years.

But when you look online at reviews no matter what website you get a bag of dicks for reviews. All shapes and sizes.

Since most websites put all general makes and capacities into one correlated review section, you get on average a 3-4 star rating for both WD and Seagate's top drives. Those being the Black and Barracuda drives respectively.

I've lost respect for both companies honestly, as both have lowered their warranties substantially. WD going from some of the better warranties to making them nearly useless especially for their lower end drives i.e Blue, Red, and Purple. Seagate as well offering crap models from different fabrications.

But that is what happens when 2 companies collectively control 90% of the HDD manufacturing.


May 30, 2010
#1 We are running out of Helium on this planet. Helium is found on stars, they are going to drive prices higher on hard-drives.
#2 The failure rates on Seagate hard-drives is not always good. I belong to those disappointed customers that will never go back to Seagate no matter what.
#3 Seagate may lead the top end market but their prices are too high: i don't want to pay $660 for a 10 Tb drive.
#4 If you have to lay off your workers to raise your net income, then maybe this company does not deserve to survive.
Just my 2 cents.
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