Question Seagate st2000dm001 hard drive failing

May 15, 2019
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My Seagate ST2000DM001 2TB hard drive started failing suddenly. I want to recover the data.

Usually it's not detected in bios and in windows but i found that if i boot the pc with hard drive running (without sata) and then plug sata cable into the hard drive, it sometimes appears in windows.

When that happens, the drive is very slow but at least readable a little bit. I can see the folders and files but it's extremely slow and often unresponsive.

I used "Unstoppable Coppier" program to copy files however it's very slow, windows monitor shows 100% activity and ~0kb transfer rate with rare 7mb sikes. I managed to copy 100mb in about 30minutes and then the hard drive disappears from windows. If i shut down the pc and boot it again and repeat the process, sometimes i manage to get the hard drive appear in windows again. And as mentioned, after a while it disappears from windows but keeps soinning. It seems very random. Windows tries to scan the disk on boot but gets stuck at 3% and doesnt progress at all. Usually i don't see the drive in windows. Sometimes i see it in disk management app however it's not initialised and when i try to initialise it fails.

The hard drive seems to be spinning. I dont hear any obvious strange noises.

I tried it in another pc and usb dock. Same issue.

What could be the cause of this failing drive? Is it PCB, heads or the platter? Which one is most likely given my observations?

I have another st2000dm001 hard drive. So I could use it as a donor for parts but I dont know what the cause could be.

If it's PCB, then soldering is required right?

If it's failing head, then do i need to do anything besides replacing head? Are there any calibration or firmware changes thay i need to do?

Please advise and thank you for your help.