News Seagate's New FireCuda 120 SATA SSDs Arrive With M.2 Prices


Jul 10, 2015
Just another overpriced ssd that has basically a negative price to performance ratio. Samsung has perform better and cheaper prices right? Is almost double endurance worth it in the real world?
Yeah, I'm figuring with those endurance levels, this is particular to datacenter needs, or similar.
Too bad Seagate is instead pitching these to people building gaming systems. : P

Load Fast, Play Hard

Designed for speed, endurance, and capacity, FireCuda 120 can take everything PC games throw at it.

With up to 4TB of space, maxed out SATA 6Gb/s speeds, and the durability of up to 5600TB TBW, this SSD plugs in and loads up quickly. Give your battlestation a boost, the FireCuda 120 is ready to play.
5600 TBW write endurance for running games off of? Perhaps that's useful for someone completely reinstalling their entire multi-terabyte game library every single day for years? : D

I guess it's for people who just think bigger numbers must be better, while not noticing that performance-wise, the drives are only on-par with other SATA SSDs costing almost half as much. I like how they emphasize that "maxed out SATA 6Gb/s speeds", when other SSDs have been maxing out the SATA interface for years, and NVMe drives offer multiple times the theoretical performance compared to SATA.

You can currently get a Crucial MX500 1TB with the same level of performance as these drives for $115, or the 2TB version for $230. With these Firecuda 120 drives, you are paying nearly as much for half the capacity and no tangible performance benefits for gaming. You can even get some lower-end NVMe drives like the Intel 660p for as little as $120 for a TB, and those will outperform any SATA drive as far as game load times are concerned. Even higher-end NVMe drives like a 970 Evo don't cost this much. At this kind of pricing, this drive makes zero sense for gaming systems.


Mar 16, 2013
Yes, $200 for a 1 TB SSD is ludicrous, what with 2 TB Crucial MX500 SSDs only at $229 or so....(the 1 TB MX500 is only ~$105)
I'm sure there are use cases for this drive.

"Seagate puts a heavy emphasis on the fact that the FireCuda 120 SSDs cater to gaming systems that need a lot of storage (to store games, of course). "

But that is not it.
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