Question Searching for a reliable laser printer, low cost per sheet and long durability before replacement.


Jun 24, 2012

i already have a scanner so no need for that.
i think laser is better than ink cause it does not evaporate
i will be using win10 and linux
all want a printer able to print in ECONOMY DRAFT MODE or something like this

if possible i would like to have a printer that you dont have to change the whole printer when lines appear(toner)

To save money i m willing also if needed to put powder in the cartridge by myself it it is easy and works fine
the printer must have a low cost per sheet and be able to print alot before changing .
the room i have is regular space, not business big 1meter things.

i dont know much about printers so all advice will be welcomed.
no need for wifi stuff and color is optional , would be nice if not too much of a big jump from monochrome

Atm i have laserjet 1600 and it is on its end of life . i could extend its live a bit if i would find a easy way to tell the printer to print in black only even if the color cartridges are empty or not there at all.

Im' in canada so i guess and best are my choices ?
any place online that sell cheap printer ?



Start here:,review-6324.html

Read other reviews as well.

Identify 2 or 3 laser printers that meet your requirements and/or otherwise appeal to you.

Then: try to go somewhere to physically see and look at the printer. Some are made with lots of plastic and likely to the point of becoming flimsy.

Also go to the manufacturer's websites. Read the printer's User Guide/Manual, the FAQ's and Forums (if any). Check driver and supporting software availability.

Read the fine print and pay attention to what is said and what is not said.....


Jun 24, 2012
yes you are right but my question is to have a proven one, it is ok if it is oldish .
i dont like to be the one trying and getting bad surprise..

like a old toyota camry is a proven choice. but i dont know about the new models