Question Searching for the right 27" gaming monitor

Jun 1, 2020
I recently made a new PC build, but I realized it's time to upgrade the monitor as well. My current monitor is an ASUS 27" 1080p 60hz with built-in webcam and speakers. I plan on just using it as an auxiliary monitor for when I stream (once I get a new monitor)

Here are my current PC specs:

MoBo: Asus Prime Z490-A
CPU: Intel 10600K
RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200 2x8GB

I'm looking for the following in a monitor:

27" Display
2K resolution (QHD)
144hz refresh
1ms response
3 video inputs
Audio out

Asus brand
(fast) IPS screen
USB3 connections

The closest I could find that is remotely in my budget is the following:

The one thing missing is the audio out. I plan on connecting consoles to it to and I want the audio going to my computer speakers instead of the monitor's. This is pretty important to me. The Asus ROG Strix XG279Q is my dream monitor, but at 600 USD it is extremely hard to justify. Honestly, I'm not comfortable spending 400 USD on a monitor, but that's where I find myself at the moment.

I have the following questions:

Is 2K PC gaming really that much better? Everything I've seen indicates 144hz, G-Sync, etc. is great for FPS and other action games (which I play frequently), but that price hike from 1080p to 2K is STEEP.

IPS monitors add another price hike, but I do some graphics and editing on my machine and want something with more color accuracy. Are there other options for this requirement? Is gaming and art production ultimately incompatible?

Should I even have a preference for Asus? The Dell S3220DGF is around the same price range as my original consideration, but the 32" screen would be too big for my current (already cramped) workspace. The Aorus FI27Q is the other option I've seen that (sort of) fits my budget at 450 USD and has good reviews (including the features I want). Would that be my best bet? Should I bite the bullet and get that $600 Asus if I'm already spending the money (it can be financed)?

I've been out of the game for a while so your input would be appreciated.