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Jun 9, 2017
Hi all,

Might not be the best place to ask this (welcome suggestion for more suitable forums).

Does anyone know a method for searching google images based on EXIF data, in particular coordinates? I have the coordinates for my new house, and I’d like to see if there are any photos on google images that were taken from this location prior to me owning the house. It occurred to me that this could be a goldmine of interesting information on the history of the house.

This question comes on the back of a strange experience I had, where I searched for my house name in google images (it has a unique name), and alongside the historical photos of my house that were returned by the search, were photos I HAD TAKEN. These photos taken by me had been used on gumtree for something I was selling – and had not been tagged with the name of my house! I assumed the photos must have been returned based on the common coordinates of the photo location – i.e. search google images by house name (e.g. White River Magic Cottage) > google finds images tagged with that house name > google also checks the EXIF/coordinate data of these hits, and extends search further/deeper for coordinate matches > google finds the aforementioned gumtree photo.

Anyone got a better explanation?


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EXIF data is available on Google Images, provided the data is embedded, but AFAIK you cannot search based on anything contained in the EXIF data.

I think the more likely reason for your search results would be Postcode or address contained within the Gumtree add.

I'd be surprised if you can search any more than GoogleMaps through the years....
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Doubtful google keeps multiple layers online.
Possibly your city/county has an image history.

I can go back to the 1937 for aerial GIS pics of my neighborhood. Not nearly as detailed as google, and top down only, but history nonetheless.
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