Question Searching new cooler for old desktop

Jun 17, 2019
I'm currently updating my old 775 system, the very first one i ever built 100% 10 years ago. Yes, i know it's old, but it's just taking room and i think i can have use for it. I don't care anymore for just-released-games, it would be for an office/video editing system and few old games.

Everything was fine... except for the cooler, the old stock intel. Idle core temps were in between 50º-57º but the main issue was the noise, at 2700 rpm idle it was something i couldn't stand. Unfortunately i managed to break one of the plastic pins. Oh, well... time to retire.

Either way, i'm searching for a new 95 w cooler for the past weeks. I've searched all major brands. The problem is, the mid tower has an side air duct and that prevents most coolers from my list to fit, even if for a matter of one cm. 😞 Actually i found one that i think will fit, the MCPURGB from Mars Gaming, but as always i've search the forum and most expert opinions about the brand were bad (even if most answers were for psu's). Spanish Am* have good opinions about it, but it's forgotten elsewhere. Couldn't find a single review online, which is a bad sign.

My question is: between the mb and the air duct, i have about 10-11 cm's height available of a total ~18 cm, which is not much. Should i remove the air duct without any significant problem for the system (or buy an extra fan, probably) so i can buy a decent, though not expensive cooler?

Thanks in advance.