Question Seasonic 550W Platinum enough for Ryzen 3600? Quiet PSU

Jan 22, 2020
Hi guys :)

I decided i want a quiet Power Supply that is passive during Idle, browsing and writing, and not make much noise during photoediting or video editing either,
I wonder i a Seasonic Focus plus 550W Platinum would be enough for this setup?

B450 Mortar + Ryzen 3600 (65W TDP) + GTX 1660 (120W TDP)
I will not overclock the CPU but probably the ram just a bit :)

Will this work fine? and do power supplies of higher wattage first turn on fan at higher wattage?
I chose the platinum over gold since the price difference was close to nothing :)
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I think it should be enough. NVidia only recommends 450 and they tend to go a little high sometimes. far as....." do power supplies of higher wattage first turn on fan at higher wattage "
That would depend on the design.
It would make sense that if "all things were equal" that would probably be the case.....but all things aren't equal.


In boot, bios is running a 50% or better load, and there's as yet nothing really controlling fans. So it's unavoidable that they'll run higher/louder at startup, but will settle down after boot process.

Platinum just means it's been tested and has a higher efficiency than gold. Components only pull wattage from the psu that they need, at startup for a fan that's more than running wattage, psus only supply power, not force power. A 12v fan will only pull 12v, doesn't matter if it's a cheap 225w psu or expensive 1600w psu.