Question SeaSonic Cable replacement issues


Hello, I recently purchased a used SeaSonic M12ii GM 520w BRONZE PSU from eBay for $27. It works great but I have an issue.
This PSU from the factory comes with a 6 pin and 6+2 pin modular cable, however, mine only came with the single 6 pin cable. I managed to get a partial refund of $10 because it was not listed as missing the 6+2 pin cable.

I am looking to find a way to power a 6+2 pin GTX960 with this PSU. I have a dual Molex to 6 pin adapter than a dual 6 pin to 8 pin adapter, but I'm not going to risk that.

I found the correct modular cable on eBay, but it will take months to ship, which I'm not waiting for.
I am struggling to find the correct cable anywhere else.

This PSU is not compatible with the modular cables from the newer SS M12ii 520w EVO PSU, as the EVO uses an 8 pin connector on the PSU side for the PCIe cables, where this older M12ii only uses a 6 pin on the PCIe side for the 6+2 pin connector.

I did notice however, this PSU has both a 4+4 pin and a solid 8 pin for CPU power. Given the CPU 8 pin supplies more power than a GPU 8 pin, could I use a CPU 8 pin to PCIe 6+2 pin adapter?

I'm not going to return the PSU since I won't be able to get nearly as good of a PSU for the $17 I have into this currently.
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Why not exactly?
Is there something im missing?

The eps 8 pin is designed to deliver up to250w and the pcie 8 pin is only up to 150w, so there shouldn't be any issues with melted wires, assuing the adapter is of proper gauge?

The only issue i could see is a improperly wired adapter, which i will test before plugging a card into it.
Exactly what cables did the psu come with?

My reading says that the psu comes with two 6+2 pcie cables.
If you have only one, 6+2 just plug it in and leave the +2 dangling.

If you have nothing, use an adapter.
Adapters are not considered best, but they work.
You could use a molex to 6 pin adapter cable like this:

Seasonic customer support may be able to help, but it might take some time.


This PSU is semi modular unlike the newer evo 520w.

It has the 24 pin and dual 8 pin eps connectors as non removable. It came with a single 6 pin pcie modular cable, a sata modular cable, and a molex modular cable.

I already have a quality dual molex to 6 pin adapter that came sealed with an xfx card. I can use that and the actual 6 pin with a dual 6 pin to 8 pin adapter.

I'll try it.

Im currently waiting on seasonic to respond.
What is the make/model of the GTX960 that you need to power?
What 6 or 8 pin pcie sockets does it have?
A normal GTX960 needs only a single 6 pin connector.
But some factory overclocked versions can need much more.