Review Seasonic Connect 750W Power Supply Review: The Solution To Cable Management Problems

Math Geek

i missed this one some how before it was released. but i like the idea and do hope we get more and more of these. is a solution to something i never even thought of as a problem, but now can't imagine doing without!!


Thanks for the thorough and comprehensive review, Aris!

I don't have a problem with their existing modular setup. I have 3 Seasonic modular PSUs (and one semi-modular) and have swapped two of them between machines, on a couple occasions. It was very nice to be able to swap PSUs without having to unplug, reroute, and reconnect the cables from everything - just disconnect them at the PSU end. I also like being able to borrow cables that came with one PSU to use with another.

With that said, I would use this style of setup under two conditions:
  1. Actual PSU performance should equal or exceed their conventional models.
  2. Cable compatibility should be retained with their existing modular PSUs.
Otherwise, I'll just stick with what's been working just fine for me, as long as they continue to be available.