Question Seasonic focus gx 750 clicks

Jan 6, 2022

I have seasonic focus gx 750, my system is new like 2 days ago.

During my testing for undervolting and cinebench i started to notice a click comes from the psu when i hit 100% cpu load in cinebench and it ticks again when finished, it also ticks at pc startup and shutdown, i have the hybrid mode on, so i suspected that and turned it off from the psu and now it does not click under load or during or after testing but it clicks on pc on and off.

The strange thing is i do not remember having these clicks yesterday or the day before during same kind of testing, my be it existed and i did not notice not sure, but i think i would notice it.

Does anyone have this unit have same clicks, just need to be assured it is normal cause everything is running fine, and i hate to take it out for rma i did not even start using it.