[SOLVED] Seasonic M12II 520 BRONZE or S12II 620 BRONZE for my pc ??

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Nov 3, 2018
Hey guys , i am going to buy a PSU for my pc
Specs ;
Gtx 1060 6GB STRIX
Intel I5 7400
I have two choices ; ''seasonic M12II 520 w Bronze '' and
''seasonic S12II 620 w BRONZE ''
So wich one should i go for and it will work perfectly with my pc ??
And thnx ;)
both are good choice, if you don't mind non-modular, go with S12II 620. Budget and country? May find you a better unit. S12II/M12II are solid old model, butt some new platform will have better protection/regulation.


M12II - semi modular power cables.
Making cable management very easy since you can connect only those power cables to the PSU you'll need to use within PC.
M12II EVO - fully modular power cables.
Same as one above but with fully modular PSU, you can also disconnect 24-pin and 4/8-pin EPS power cables.
S12II - fully wired power cables.
You can't unplug any power cables from PSU, meaning that you need a place within PC where to store excess power cables.

Images as well:
1. M12II-520

2. M12II-520 EVO

3. S12II-520


They both are good choices. M12II gives you easier PSU installation due to the power cable modularity while S12II is the best group-regulated PSU ever made. It's up to you but i'd go with M12II since finding a place for excess power cables of S12II series PSU gives a good headache.

Also, wattage wise, GTX 1060 is 120W GPU and if you'd add the rest of the system to it at 200W or so, max power consumption would be 320W (give or take 20W). Making very little difference if you go with 620W unit (S12II-620) or 520W unit (M12II-520).

Oh, worth mentioning would be that my 3x PCs also are powered by Seasonic, where i too have M12II EVO and S12II series in use. My PCs are powered as follows:
Skylake - Seasonic PRIME 650 80+ Titanium
Haswell - Seasonic M12II-850 EVO 80+ Bronze
AMD - Seasonic S12II-520 80+ Bronze
Full specs with pics in my sig.
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