Question Second 24inch Asus monitor died


Jun 1, 2017
I just lost another Asus monitor. It literally went black when I was looking at it. No power, no signal, dead. This one only lasted a couple of years.
How long do flat screen units last? Is there a brand that is reliable (24")??
Im using my Asus VW228N for almost 8 years...
Usually the things that start to fail when they are used quite a lot are usually capacitors, the "Things" that deliver the voltage to the rest of components (AC->DC).
Sometimes the LED strip dies, but mostly capacitors.
They are quite cheap to replace tho.

Rarley the motherboard fails of the monitor, but the replacement can be found from china.

Soo it depends on your model.
LCD has pixels which provide color (Liquid crystal),
LED is emmited by led strip (back light), earlier was cathode, which can be found in older TV's from 2010, they are a bit bulky.
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Firstly, you need to dissasemble the monitor to indentify if the capacitors are indeed the problem.
Then suspect for capacitor issue is bulging, which you can see physically on them, second you can test them via contiunity test with multimeter (it beeps briefly then stops which is better if you have cheapo multimeter or if your multimeter has capacitance which is better).
Second, soldering iron, solder and a tiny bit of a skill.

At last, the replacement caps. They need to be same value and same voltage (or higher voltage, it does not matter if its higher voltage, just needs to be same capacitance, nF, uF, nano farad,mikro farad).
Also you can salvage them from junk stuff, like PSU unit, or old dead motherboard with capacitors, but I think the legs will be shorter than usual.