Second 7770 not right in crossfireX


May 9, 2012
Hi guys i looked at the info on GPUZ today and found that my second asus 7770 is not the same has the first one i would like to know if this is a problem or not

please see photos

this is my first gpu

this is my second one

it the bus width and bandwidth that is worng or is what it like in croosfireX

im all up to date with drivers and windows that the first thing i checked

i swap the gpu over so my second one is now my first and ect..

i checked all the connectors

any help on this would be great has i dont know much about crossfire

my specs
fx 4170 oc @ 4.4GHZ
8 gb ddr3 kingston ram KHX1600C9D3K2/8G
powercool 750 watts 80 plus
asrock 990fx extreme 3 m/b
2x asus radeon hd 7770 DC-1GD5-V2
Hitachi HDS721050DLE630 500 gb
philips 221v @ 1920 x 1080


Jan 22, 2013
i have this exact problem with my cards im thinking its down to power saving features ive owned a few xfire rigs in total and never had it but ive recently updated to the 7 series my self after buying my 2nd card i noticed in CCC and msi afterburner i was gettin no temperature readings and also the bus interface thing u were on about in gpuz i also pulled my rig apart switched 1st and second cards around but to no avail it still does it .Doesnt affect x fire cause as soon as i strt a game the 2nd card kiks in and reports temps and a 2.0 bus interface needless to say i think its the power saving features on the card effectivly down clocking the card/cards to save on power

my specs are as follows

amd phenom II 965 @ 3.4ghz
8gbddr2 800 geil black dragon dual channel
samsung spinpoint f3 1tb hdd
thermaltake toughpower 750 watt
2x sapphire radeon 7770 ghz edtion
bitfenix survivor W 2 20cm fans
coolit domino alc liquid cpu cooler
samsung syncmaster 226 BW 22inch widescreen 1680x1050

thats all i can think of it being but if anybody else knows somthing i dont then feel free to add it