[SOLVED] Second and Third Monitor cause lag when watching videos on them while playing games

Oct 7, 2021
Hey Guys

My setup is
5950x with a 2080 Super, 32gb of 3200mhz ram
My Main Screen is an Asus swiftp 144hrz 1440p
Second screen is a 19" Dell 60hrz
Third Screen is a 20in phillps or something also 60hrz
My extra monitors are all connecting via displayport but are being changed via adaptors at the monitor side (I can update these details as needed I just cant remember exactly as I am at work).

My issue, so when I am playing a game on my main monitor, if I have video playing on second or third screen, youtube or just on VLC/windows media player etc it causes significant lag on my game, if I minimize the video its fine but as soon as its open it lags massively. This is an issue as I often need to have multiple live streams open for my team mates to monitor what they are doing and dont get themselves killed.

What I need, so I need to know if I need to change my GPU to something better to solve this or change my extra monitors so that everything is going through DP without needing adaptors OR do I need to change it so that all my monitors are all the same resolution or refresh rate? I have seen this issue discussed before but I really need to know what I should do in my situation so any help you can give me would be much appreciated!