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Mar 10, 2009
After building my first i7 build for a little shy of $3000 CAD my cousins want me to build them a computer!

I will post pics when I actually get a camera... lol

Could you guys come up with a list of parts which give the best performance for value ratio for gaming
obviously not core i7 extreme or any core i7 then..

No preferences
Buying next weekend
budget: best performance/value ratio


ll nerdy ll

Mar 10, 2009
Sorry forgot to add I buy/live in canada buts thats okay cause I can just find the same products on ncix.com (the website I have to buy from)

ll nerdy ll

Mar 10, 2009
I need to actually get all the parts like monitor and case..
All from ncix.com and Canadian prices
I decieded to go with core 2 duo cause games can't even take advantage of multi core and dual core can run the games I will be playing (COD 4, L4D, TF2, COD 5)

1.Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 $199.99
2.EVGA Nforce 750I SLI Ftw LGA775 $196.99 - $30 MIR = $166.99
3.EVGA GeForce GTX 275 $275.00 (GTX 260 is probably more better for value but they said "I don't want the badest card in the series")
4.Corsair XMS2 4GB 2X2GB PC2-8500 DDR2-1066 $85.99 - $36.00 MIR = $49.99
5.Corsair TX750W 750W $134.99 - $12MIR = $122.99
6.Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition 64BIT $134.99
7.Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB $88.88
8.BenQ E2400HD 24" $319.99
9.Arctic Cooling MX-2 $9.99
10.Razer Arctosa $59.99
11.Razer Deathadder $61.80

Other things they must get:
12.D-LINK Rangebooster G desktop adapter $58.00
13.Ngear card reader $19.99
14.USB Drive $16.99
15.Express Coverage - with "ZERO Dead PIXEL" Exchange $16.00
16.Environmental Fee $12.00

Things I have not decieded are:
~ thinking maybe antec 1200 for 179.99 but they probably won't need all that space
~ No watercooling.. best performance heatsink price less than $80

No shipping costs because I am picking it up

It's a great list, but there's a few points you should change.

nVidia chipsets have a very poor reputation around here. In fact, they really don't seem to be much in the chipset business any more, which does not surprise me.

The only SLI boards I will recommend are X58.

Instead of that, get a crossfire capable board. It will be more stable (for sure) and will perform better with single cards.

From there you can either go with the card you chose or a 4890:

Or even a 4870X2:

The other thing would be the RAM. If it's your intention to overclock the CPU beyond 3.6Ghz, then you would need 1066 RAM. If not, then you should just get 800Mhz as RAM speed won't change performance.

This is the really good stuff:

Maybe look at the Antec 900 case, or Cooler Master 690.

For a cooler: