Second card to accompany ATI X1300 Pro


Oct 2, 2009
I have an ATI X1300 Pro PCI-e card in my desktop right now. I'm wanting to add a second cheap PCI card to the system so I can attach a 3rd and maybe 4th monitor to it.

Does anyone know which, if any, of the ATI chipsets will work well with this card and the drivers I have now? I found a Radeon 7 series PCI card laying around and tried it out and I couldn't get them to co-exist, but I figure something has to...


The most likely reason your Radeon 7 series didn't work is because they stopped driver support a couple years ago. The only two PCI ATI graphic card series I found on newegg are the Radeon 9250, which is in the same boat as the 7 series as far as driver support, and the HD 2400 Pro.

Not sure it's worth the $40, but the HD 2400 Pro should work for you.

-Wolf sends