Second HDD Caddy not recognizing in the Optical Bay Drive

Oct 20, 2018
Dear all,
I have recently bought a HDD caddy from eBay to be used in the optical drive bay to add additional hdd. Upon receiving I have tried using this caddy to place hdd in it but so far laptop has refused to accept this hdd. If I place the hdd into the main bay the laptop accept it without any issues. But I remove it and place it in the module bay caddy it stops working. I have also tried removing my original hdd from the main bay and placed the second hdd in the optical bay caddy, changed the BIOS boot sequence to boot from dvd bay without any luck. The laptop stalls and directs to BIOS. I have put the sequence back to hdd first but this is also not solving the problem. The only thing I see is that when I place the caddy inside the optical drive bay some of the connectors are still showing up, indicating the size might be an issue. The one I have received is 9.5mm but I requested the seller to confirm if it will work for my Dell Latitude E5510 laptop. And they confirmed it will hence I bought it. One more thing I have noticed is that the face plate of my optical drive is very different to the one that has been sent to me with the hdd caddy. So I cannot use the original one and when I placed the replacement one with its own caddy there is a narrow gap at the top of the optical bay. Does this matter?
Concluding, I have tried all the different ways but cannot seem to work it properly. I got a replacement caddy but it is also not working. And after all the unsuccessful tries I have placed my optical drive back to find out it has stopped responding i.e. it is not working anymore. Has the optical drive bay gone rouge / corrupted? I am clueless and would really appreciate if someone can help me in this regards. Three days of trying so hard, and different ways I am still getting nowhere. Please kindly assist.
Thanks in advance

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