Question Second HDD disappeared after BIOS reset ?


May 15, 2016

My pc was having issues so i decided to try some low cost solutions first just to see. I replaced some thermal paste and put a new CMOS battery in, and in doing so it reset my bios obviously. however i noticed a few days later that my second internal HDD wasn't showing up in file explorer, which it WAS the day i replaced the battery.
Every thing I've tried so far hasn't been successful in making it appear again, which include:

  • unplugging it and back in (from both motherboard and the drive itself)
  • using the cord and port from the hdd that is working
  • trying every SATA port with both cables
  • second hdd cable works with first still working drive
  • using bios to change from IDE to RAID and AHCI (AHCI didn't work however RAID detected the drive sometimes but it wouldn't boot the pc it kept blue screening)
  • checked every option in bios
  • checked diskmgmt and it showed only the first hdd
  • device manager shows the first hdd nothing about the second
I think thats everything i tried maybe missing something but yeah, the sata cable works, all the ports work, when its in RAID it will detect the disk sometimes?? and sometimes not but will blue screen before booting all the way, and it was working perfectly fine until i changed the CMOS battery.

If anyone has some suggestions of what i could try that would be great. It is a western digital HDD if that helps, I believe that its black but could be blue not 100% ,past warranty.

P.S i fixed the original issue i was having and it was dumb and not related to this, lol my psu cable was loose and causing me to have random shutdowns but its all good now :)