Question Second HDMI screen blank, but detected in Windows 10

Mar 23, 2019
Hello guys,
I have an ASUS ZenBook Pro UX550GE, with i7-8750H, 16GB of RAM and two graphic cards:
  1. Built-in Intel UHD Graphics 630
  2. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
Today I plugged my external display - Samsung S22D390 - to the laptop via HDMI port (HDMI-HDMI, as I always did with my previous PCs). The result is that the display is visible in Windows, even in the sounds settings I see I can redirect sounds to the display.

It's also visible in NVIDIA Control Panel -> Display -> Set up multiple displays, in the section "1. Select the displays you want to use" I see my external display (S22D390).
The same when I right click on my Windows 10 desktop and go into Display settings - there are 2 displays visible.

However, nothing is displayed on the display. It's constantly switching from Analog to HDMI mode and nothing is displayed at all. It's simply blank.
When I take the HDMI cable from my ZenBook and plug it into another laptop (I tried with another ZenBook and Lenovo) it works perfectly fine.

I even noticed that when I have some app opened, like Google Chrome on laptop's built-in screen and I connect the HDMI cable in that moment, Chrome window goes to this second external HDMI screen which is blank... so I cannot "get" this window back until I plug the HDMI cable out.

I tried to look into UEFI settings, but didn't find anything related.
I've also updated my NVIDIA drivers with "Clean install", but it didn't help.
Don't know how it's related, but when I go to Intel Graphics Settings (for built-in graphics card) it detects only build-in display, not the external one.

Could someone advice how to proceed?
Thanks in advance!


Make sure you're on the latest BIOS update for your laptop. Then uninstall and reinstall your GPU drivers with the latest off Nvidia's support site and retry connecting the external display. Which version of Windows 10 are you on?
Mar 23, 2019
Hi @Lutfij ,
I'm on Windows 10 Pro. I bought this ZenBook like 1 week ago so it's the 1st time I'm trying to connect my HDMI external display.
I've already tried:
  1. BIOS update - downloading the newest one from ASUS website and trying to install it, tells me I already have newer version installed, so I didn't downgrade it
  2. Installation of newest NVIDIA drivers as "Clean install" - it didn't help
  3. Flipping HDMI cable's ends - didn't help
  4. Removing Intel and NVIDIA drivers completely using DDU, then reinstalling them again with newest recommended drivers on ASUS support website for my model (for NVIDIA it's not the latest one available on NVIDIA website which I tried in step 2) - also didn't help
Plugging the same display using Thunderbolt-> VGA adapter (display has also VGA port) and it works all fine (except the quality is pretty low, as for VGA). So the issue is only with HDMI.

The monitor apparently "sees" the HDMI connected, because it's switching from Analog to HDMI mode while the cable is connected, but when I unplug the HDMI cable it starts saying "Check cable connection".
Mar 23, 2019
Hey guys,
so finally I bought a new HDMI cable and the issue is solved. So it was the cable, even though it's working fine with another PCs.
Thanks for your help!