Question Second monitor, ASUS PB279, no display


Sep 16, 2010
Hello everyone,

I have a dual monitor setup, a Dell S2716DG and an Asus PB279, both connected via display port to a GTX 1070.

I bought the Asus a little less than 3 years ago, and the Dell just a few months ago.

A few weeks ago they went to sleep, and then only the Dell woke up. The Asus sometimes has light going to it, the panel is illuminated but still black, and there is no picture. The menus will also not display, I tried every menu button.

The computer still recognizes the Asus, and acts like it is connected. I can move my mouse off my main monitor and it disappears into the Asus.

I tried some of my own troubleshooting to no avail, and then contacted Asus.

They recommended I send it in for repairs. Problem is, I am living in Japan and the warranty is for America. So, I have the choice of paying the expensive repair costs in Japan or the expensive shipping costs to get it repaired in America.

Right now, I am thinking of not having it repaired at all...

But, I figured I would ask if anyone has an idea for something I could try on my own... Here are the things I have already tried:

-Tried unplugging it multiple times.
-I played around with the dual monitor config in the NVIDIA Control Panel, switched their primary display status, their position, tried mirroring.
-I switched display port cables.
-I tried connecting the Asus with HDMI instead of display port.
-I tried booting with only the Asus connected, once with display port once with HDMI.
-Tried using other ports on the 1070.

No change.

Thank you!


The issue is not with the cable, the display ports on the GPU or the drivers. The issue is with the panel and the board that drives the panel itself. You're going to have to decide which one is cheaper, IMHO but I'd give it to Asus as they are the product manufacturers(meaning they are the certified repair folks). Often times when the monitor can't be repaired, they can and will replace the unit for you.