Question Second monitor detected but no display ?

Sep 7, 2021
I have 2 identical Samsung monitors.
they have worked perfectly for one year, but some days ago the 2nd monitor ( plugged in by a DVI to VGA adaptor ) started closing and turning back on again quickly. Now it has been shut down for good and i cant get it to turn back on again.
I tried installing drivers with no results , changing the monitors ( putting 1 in the position of 2 with each other's cables ) with no luck either. I even tried to change the resolution and refresh rate of the 2nd monitor but I also got non results.
The confusing part is that the 2nd monitor is being detected by both device manager and display settings, but it wont even show that it recognizes the cable.

*( just to specify, the 2nd monitor shows to the up left corner that is searching for HDMI and ANALOG but it cant find the ANALOG VGA cable so it turns off.) ( i also don't think that it has to do with the VGA adaptor )
i have done everything to my power to fix this matter but it was in vain.

Thank you in advance,