[SOLVED] Second monitor displays no signal but worked fine before I unplug and replug it [SOLVED]

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Apr 3, 2017
I have two monitors for my computer. Monitor A and monitor B.

I unplugged my monitor (B) from my computer 2 days ago and replugged it yesterday. Now it do not display anything at all.

Here is what I tried so far (I'll add pictures too so you can understand better):
  1. Unplugged and plugged the monitor B HDMI cable a couple of times.
  2. Unplugged and plugged power cables (from my computer and from monitor B).
  3. Tested if monitor B is still working. I plugged it where monitor A is plugged in (HDMI 1). Monitor B is still working.
  4. I tried plugging monitor A where monitor B is plugged. Monitor A did not work there either (HDMI 2).
  5. I tried plugging monitor A and B in a different port (HDMI 3) and they are not working there too.
  6. I tried forcing windows to recognize the second monitor in the Multiple displays setting. But it did not work.
I'm a bit confused because, like I said, everything was working just fine 2 days ago when I unplugged my monitors to move my computer.

Here is a picture of the back of my computer: https://ibb.co/kGLzcYC

Thanks for your help.

Problem found: My graphic card was disconnected. Probably due to the vibrations during the transport in my car on the road. I reconnected it and everything is fine now.
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