Question Second monitor lags while alt-tabbing out of windowed full-screen application ?

Jun 2, 2023

I have a brand new computer build, and I noticed that when I tab out of a windowed full screen application (valorant to be specific) to my second monitor it seems as if either my screen is just lagging or the refresh rate goes back to 60hz. However, when I tab back into Valorant it looks fine. I have an rtx 4090 and i9 13900k, both monitors are the same 27 in 1440p 240hz ones, and I barely have any programs installed as it's a fresh Windows install only done about a week ago.

I've tried opening my refresh rate and display settings and when I tab out of Valorant my display rate doesn't change, both Valorant and my computer stay at 240 hz. I have the latest nvidia drivers, tried doing things like disabling hardware accelerated gpu scheduling, switching display ports, etc. The same thing happens on my first monitor where if I drag google chrome for example over valorant while im tabbed out, that too will make it seem as if it's lagging or the hertz reset. I've read online some people with kinda similar problems and all their solutions don't work.


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information

Include monitors. Remember that some monitors now have drivers - check to see if that is applicable to your monitors and setup.

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I suggest using Task Manager and Resource Monitor to observe what happens when the "tab out" is initiated.

Use both tools but only one tool at a time. Open the Window and simply watch for awhile.

Work/game as usual while continuing to watch. Then "tab out"

Watch for what changes or does not change. May not be readily apparent and take some trial and error to spot something.

However, anything may be a clue and help identify a potential culprit.