Question Second monitor not detected,but worked perfectly before

Oct 1, 2019
Hello,i have a vga monitor(Syncmaster SA300) for which i use a vga to hdmi adapter which i plug it in my rx 570 nitro 4gb,apart from an actual hdmi monitor that i use as my primary one.The vga monitor stopped working in tandem with my primary monitor. At first when i plugged it in it went into 4k resolution and spread the image over both monitors with y primary being only partially covered. Then i switched over to 1080p and 75 hz(AOC G2590VXQ) which are my primary monitors native specs and the second screen doesnt turn on. In any case windows doesnt detect it anymore,at all.

It just says one screen,including when it went 4k,only one.If i plug just the vga monitor,it works,but not along with the primary monitor.I have the latest video card drivers.I just didnt upgrade to the latest version of windows 10(home) 2004.How can i solve this?

Also i can tell it doesnt recognize it because my memory gpu went up to 2000mhz from 300 when 2 were plugged in,now it stays at 300.

It worked perfectly before,and it suddenly stopped working...They both still turn on when the bios picture comes up,the one with press DEL for setup,and the image displays on both,but when it goes into windows it stops. Also again,if used alone the vga monitor works perfectly at the correct refresh rate and resolution automatically.

I need it for online teaching,and school starts in september. If i have to buy another screen i will,but it would be great if that werent the case.