[SOLVED] Second NVMe drive not recognized in Windows


Feb 7, 2016
I've just built a new computer, and I put two NVMe SSDs in it. The problem is that Windows 10 is letting me use only one, not both.

My motherboard is a Gigabyte Aorus Z590 Master.

The first drive is a Samsung 980 Pro 2 TB. I put it in the M2A_CPU slot. This is the drive Windows is on. Everything is okay with this drive.

The second drive is an MSI Spatium M370 2 TB. It's in the M2P_SB slot. This is the one I can't see in file explorer.

I thought the problem might be the Blu-ray writer I have on SATA 0, but I tried plugging it in SATA 5, and that didn't change anything.

The BIOS sees both SSD drives. In Windows, when I go to C -> Properties -> Hardware, I see both SSD drives. However, I don't see a second drive in the file explorer, so I can't use it. The computer seems to know that the MSI drive is there, but I can't do anything with it.

How can I access the MSI drive?