Question Second SSD not being detected unless plugged in alone


Dec 13, 2015
Hi everyone,

So this is maybe an odd scenario, as it always seems to be with me, but I bought a second SSD, making this the 4th drive in my computer in total (I have a m.2 SSD for windows, regular HDD for larger storage, an SSD for games/storage and now a new second SSD for games/storage.)

The second, new SSD is not detected neither in explorer or disk management in anyway. I ran a test where I unplugged all my drives (aside from the m.2 with windows) and plugged in the new SSD and disk management picked it up and I was able to format it, etc.

I then plugged in all the drives at once after restarting and once again the ssd was no longer being detected even after being formated and made into a volume.

Haven't found anything that has helped via google.

Hope someone can help, cheers.


gigabyte b660 ds3h ddr4
i5 12600k
16gb ram ddr4 3200
1080 gtx
With all drives connected
can you show screenshots from ?
Disk Management​
Device Manager - disk drives and storage controllers sections expanded,​
Windows Storage Spaces (Control Panel\Storage Spaces)​

(upload to and post link)
Your motherboard has 4 sata connectors.
Try connecting new drive to other sata connector.
If still doesn't get detected, then swap sata cables with one of other sata drives.

Check BIOS, if all SATA ports are enabled. One might be disabled.