Question Secondary drive capacity limit on Asus VivoBook K513EA ?

Jun 26, 2022
Hello there,
My laptop is an Asus Vivobook 15 K513EA - i71165G7 - ASUSTeK x513ea (U3E1) motherboard

My question is a simple one: why is it that as secondary storage I can only put a drive up to 1TB? Is there a reason why it cannot handle a bigger one (I happen to have already a 2TB HDD
I could use, a Samsung ST2000LM003)?

Are ASUS playing it low for some reason? For the RAM upgrade I run the Crucial scan which indicated that I could buy a 16GB RAM module for the empty slot, even if ASUS states that I could only put an 8 GB.

I cannot try the 2TB HDD I already have as I am waiting for the caddy and adapter (which were not included by ASUS btw), but I'd like to know before those arrive from China if I need to buy another drive...

Thank you all


If you're going with the specs listed on Asus's support page, it's to make sure they aren't in the grey area. Often times you'll see people plonk in larger capacity drives and then complain of said drives not working properly. Part of it can be due to the ribbon cable that's used to tether the drive to the motherboard. You could try and make sure you're on the latest BIOS version and then drop in the HDD to replace the existing 2.5" HDD. Just be sure to not have critical data on the drive in case something goes awry.

Does your laptop have an ODD? Manual for your SKU laptop doesn't show it to be there. If there are no ODD's on your laptop, I'm curious to learn what caddy you'd placed an order for.
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Jun 26, 2022
Thanks for the reply Luftij,

this laptop comes with dual storage option. A M.2 NVMe SSD is already provided and there is a space for another unit.

Unfortunately they chose not to make the slot readily available: there's the space -but you need a rubber caddy to keep the disk in place- and a ZIF connector on the mobo -so that you need an adapter and flat cable-.

On the ASUS parts store you cannot even find the series and model of my laptop!... So you buy this:
HDD Connector With Cable and Universal Bracket

So, your advice is not to exceed the 1TB for that secondary disk. Thanks, appreciate the time you took to reply