Question Secondary HDD in Laptop Needs Initialised every month?


Jan 19, 2016
Hi, been using a new HP Envy x360 laptop for the past few months (School work alongside my main desktop rig)

Its begun to piss me off recently as it keeps seemingly removing my 2nd HDD from the lists of avalible disks mucking up all my file systems.

Anyways it happens every few weeks, i start up the laptop, HP warns me that disk 2 needs to be scanned to ensure its working, the bios disk checker cant find the disk and then it boots into windows. Then iun windows it sees the 2nd dicks but cannot initialise or formats it just throwing me the error "A Device which does not exist was specified" Last time removing the disk and connecting it again sorted the issue however i still lost all the data, im not sure if this is an HDD problem, if so i may as well just buy a 480GB SSD to replace it, but before I drop that kinda money si there anything im missing or doing wrong which is why it keeps seemingly breaking?