Question Secondary Monitor refresh rate

Jan 3, 2020
The Situation:
Connecting a Samsung C32JG52 monitor (144hz, UHD 2K) to a laptop, MSI GS65 (RTX 2060 6gb, i7-8750H, 16gb memory, w/ SSD). Laptop comes with 144hz built in monitor at FHD 1080p. Connection is DisplayPort 1.2
When both the built in and external monitors are on, either in extend or duplicate mode, both monitors run smoothly at 144 hz.

The Problem:
When the external monitor is on by itself, refresh rate is garbage. Stutters very very badly, to the point it is way worse than the old 60 hz external monitor I had. Feels like less than 20.

Additional info:
  • But at random times it does go up to 144hz, tried everything and can't figure out what actions would trigger this random jump in refresh rate. It's so erratic, this random switch can happen a couple times a minute at times
  • And the most strange and aggravating thing is, despite the fact that everything is stuttering badly (which includes moving windows, scrolling documents & web pages, and games), at the same time the damned mouse cursor seem to always moves buttery smooth as if it is 144hz, all day every day. (I compared with cursor movement on a 60hz, it's definitely waaay smoother)
  • rtx2060 drivers are up to date
  • tried playing around with nVidia control panel and windows display setup, found no solution after many attempts....
Is this a windows problem? Defective monitor? Other software problems?
This is driving me nuts. Any ideas/advice/help would be highly appreciated!
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