Question securebootencodeuefi.exe not responding. Could it be a virus?


May 4, 2020
Hi, guys! I hope everything is well with you all!

Today I was gaming when a CMD window pop up, minimizing the game screen. This is the screenshot I managed to take (the window wouldn't close, and I had to restart the PC)

Later, I discovered that many people had the same problem, after an windows update, and their solution was to disable it on scheduled tasks. Like I did here:


I also managed to gather some info on the EXE around the internet:
-It's not a virus unless something replaced the original file, it came from the recent MS Windows update that fixes a serious UEFI bug.
-This update is critical but demanding so they're going slow with it monitoring every step of the process because it renders all your old Windows separate boot and installation media unusable.
-The file's description says "Gathers Encoded SecureBoot UEFI Telemetry" so that's why it's scheduled.
-The executable path is %WINDIR%\system32\SecureBootEncodeUEFI.exe; it's not signed but the original file should be legit, virustotal detects nothing.
-You can safely disable it (tested) from Task Scheduler: it's under Windows/PI/SecureBootEncodeUEFI task if it annoys you somehow.

But unfortunately, I'm still a bit paranoid thinking that it could be some sort of virus. What do you guys think? Is this just a bug?

PS: I also ran the command /scannow and nothing was corrupted. I also dropped the exe file on virustotal and it came out clean. And I used 2 anti-viruses on my entire PC (Avast and Malwarebytes) and they also detected nothing.